Punta Gorda Airport – Aviation Expansion Area

Join our friendly, diverse, fast-growing aviation hub in sunny Southwest Florida by leasing land at Punta Gorda Airport. Strategically located between Tampa and Miami in a Foreign Trade Zone at a small-hub commercial airport, the 100+ acres in PGD AviEx offer two direct connections to Interstate 75.


PGD AviEx is a hub for general aviation (GA) activities to flourish, as well as a prime spot for onsite flight schools, avionics and aircraft maintenance services, and related training programs to expand. Discover airport land available to lease in Punta Gorda for a variety of aviation and commercial possibilities.


With a new aircraft ramp and Air Center completed, PGD AviEx will become the training center for the next generation of aviation mechanics and pilots in southwest Florida.

If your company is interested in leasing land to build aviation-related operations, offices or hangars, please CONTACT US with your land development needs.