PGD AviEx is land under development parallel to Challenger Road, where the Florida International Air Show has been based over the last few years. This area is home to 154 T-hangars adjacent to Taxiway E and Runway 9-27 – with more hangars throughout airport property.

pgd low arial view

$18 million in projects will be constructed in several phases.

Phase 1, Construction Complete

  • 510,000-square-foot ramp (aircraft parking area)
  • Taxiway E extension

Phase 2, Construction Complete

  • PGD Air Center (including FBO)
  • Associated access roads and parking
  • Site work for additional box hangars and T-hangars

Phase 3, Newly Constructed

  • Bldg # 615 – Ten 60×60 Box Hangars
  • Bldg # 607 – Nine 50×50 Box Hangars
  • Bldg # 606 – Row of 42-ft door T-hangar units
  • FBO Hangar – in review


  • Runway 4-22 is the longest lighted runway at 7,193 feet, which was rehabilitated in 2022
  • Runway 15-33 is the second longest lighted runway, which was rehabilitated and extended to 6,286 feet in 2020
  • Runway 9-27 is 2,636 feet long and was rehabilitated in 2023
  • Click here for the runway airport diagram


PGD AviEx projects are made possible through a combination of self-funding from Charlotte County Airport Authority revenues, along with funding from the Federal Aviation Administration, Florida Department of Transportation, passenger facility charges and customer facilities charges. 

PGD History

Punta Gorda Airport began as a World War II combat training base for Army pilots and served primarily as a general aviation airport in the decades that followed. After Hurricane Charley wrought destruction in 2004, the Charlotte County Airport Authority, the independent special district that owns and operates PGD, rebuilt with a focus on attracting low-cost commercial air service. After experiencing double-digit passenger growth, the Bailey Terminal was expanded in 2015 to its current 68,500 sq. ft. footprint.

PGD’s Master Plan Update, approved by the FAA in 2018, thoughtfully maps out continued growth in commercial air service by relocating GA and FBO activities to the north side of the airport. These plans are incorporated into PGD AviEx.

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