Prime Location

Conveniently located in Southwest Florida with two direct connections to Interstate 75 just minutes away, PGD AviEx offers connection to 9.6 million people within 90 miles and 75% of Florida’s 20 million residents within 150 miles. PGD AviEx is located within the boundaries of the Enterprise Charlotte Airport Park, 30 minutes north of Fort Myers and 45 minutes south of Sarasota.

Live, work, play and prosper in a sunny economic climate and a setting that looks and feels like paradise. Satisfaction soars and so does creativity in surroundings of breathtaking beauty, with recreation ideal for relaxing and recharging. Kayak down a quiet canal; reel in a magnificent Gulf tarpon. Go birdwatching in a mangrove forest or golfing on a world-class course. Soak up the sunrise, kick back with live music in the evening, swap stories and ideas at one of our inviting brew pubs. 

With an average year-round temperature of 75 degrees and plenty of sunshine, Charlotte County is the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors. Over 28 miles of sandy Gulf beaches share the coastline with the mangrove forests of Charlotte Harbor. With so much water, it’s no wonder that Charlotte County offers marinas and boating clubs for power and sail boats alike. Walk, bike or kayak through nature’s wonderland.

a couple biking through punta gorda
family hiking through the forest
riverwood golfing troupe

If your company is interested in leasing land to build aviation-related operations, offices or hangars, please CONTACT US with your land development needs.